Tunde Amole

Tunde Amole

Dr. Tunde Adegoke Amole is a livestock scientist with over 15 years of experience in the production and improvement of livestock feed resources, forage production and utilization.

With International Livestock Research Institute, ILRI, he has worked extensively on applying participatory methods in identifying livestock feed related problem and promising feed intervention strategies in smallholder systems using ILRI developed FEAST computer programme in West Africa. He had worked concurrently under the CGIAR Humid tropics and Drylands system CRPs and has experience with cattle feed challenges in both the humid tropics and dry lands of West Africa.

Tunde is experienced in adapting the Livestock Simulation Model (LIVSIM) for the West Africa Dwarf breed of Sheep and goats and simulated adoptable goat production systems for sub-humid zone of Southwestern Nigeria. Tunde worked on the demonstration and evaluation of irrigated fodder production in West Africa, and also on testing and monitoring of on-farm livestock related interventions towards improving livestock productivity. He is a Livestock feed climate-smart expert and author of Best-fit intervention options in livestock production for climate-smart
agriculture. He worked on the increasing the resilience of smallholder farmers’ in the Sahelian regions of West Africa by developing a handbook manual of least cost ration for Sheep fattening.

Dr. Tunde conducted extensive study on livestock-water management in sub-Saharan Africa’s water-scarce drylands. In the drylands of West Africa, he worked on increasing water utilization for optimal livestock production under various livestock management methods in the Sahel.

In Nigeria, Tunde is the foremost expert in converting Cassava peel trash into livestock feed, High quality cassava peel (HQCP®️) Mash, an ILRI innovation. He is in charge of HQCP Mash training and the creation of standard protocols for employing it in various animal feed diets.

Dr. Amole has held a number of high-profile management positions. He presently serves as the country representative for the International Livestock Research Institute’s (ILRI) Nigeria Office in Ibadan, where he oversees the country’s research programs and ILRI personnel. Tunde is also the ILRI’s Feed and Forage Expert for West Africa.

He currently is the Livestock Compact Lead at Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT).