A Message from the Governor

A Message from the Governor

Dear Investors,

There are big opportunities in Oyo State, as an administration our job is to ensure we create opportunities that will be appealing to the Private sector. Our vision is to make Oyo State the fastest-growing economy in Nigeria within a short while. In 2021, When we brought together major actors in Agribusiness at the Oyo Agribusiness Summit, we promoted Investment opportunities available in the Sector and we have been able to usher in over 35 Billion Naira in Investment and 126 Million US Dollars in Development Partner blended Finance.

As a state that prides itself on its rich culture, vibrant people and wealth of opportunities, I am proud to say that Oyo State is still open for business and ready to welcome Investments in the following sectors Agribusiness, Solid Minerals & Mining, Tourism, Sustainable Energy, and Infrastructure.

With the Oyo State International Business Summit 2023, we aim to showcase these Investment opportunities to Investors and industry professionals around the world. This summit will provide a platform for Investors to network and explore the vast opportunities that Oyo State has to offer. I am confident that this Summit will provide a great platform for economic growth, business collaboration and sustainable development for the State and Investors at large.

As a State, we are committed to sustainable growth, and we understand that Investment is key to achieving this goal. The Oyo State International Business Summit 2023 is an opportunity to bring together Investors, Industry Professionals, Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs, to showcase the vast Investment opportunities in Oyo State.

In Oyo State, we are committed to providing a favourable Investment environment and promoting economic growth. Through our commitment to sustainable development, we have implemented various initiatives to improve the State’s Infrastructure and enhance business opportunities. We are expanding the economy by building enabling Infrastructure to drive down the cost of doing business for Investors. Our goal is to improve the business environment that will enable businesses to thrive while making it attractive to Investors.

Overall, I am pleased to inform you that Oyo State is open for business. We have the comparative advantage that will guarantee a huge Return on Investment, Oyo State is strategically located, the largest Seaport in Nigeria is just about one hundred kilometers away.

We firmly believe that by forming partnerships with us, we will achieve greater heights together.

To this end, I am inviting all Investors, Industry Professionals, Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs to attend this historic event, and I am certain that this summit will give Oyo State a platform for long-term economic growth and development and will also bring a huge Return on Investment(ROI) for all investors who choose Oyo State as their Investment Hub of choice for business.

Engr. Seyi Makinde

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