Solid Minerals and Mining

Solid Minerals and Mining

The Oyo International Business Summit

Oyo State is one of the leading producers of Solid Minerals, with an annual production output of approximately 3.8 million US Dollars. The State is home to one of the largest deposits of Lithium and Marble/Dolomite in Nigeria, as well as a variety of gemstones, including the famous rubellite tourmaline and spessartite garnet. Other minerals found in Oyo State include iron ore, tantalite, columbite, cassiterite, bismuth, gold, red clay, sand, gravel, granite, syenite, kaolin, and talc.

The Oyo International Business Summit 2023 presents a unique opportunity for Investors, Industry professionals and Business Leaders to learn more about the exciting Investment opportunities available in Oyo State’s Solid Minerals & Mining sector. These opportunities include and are not limited to:

  1. Lithium Mining and Processing: Oyo State has one of the largest Lithium deposits in Nigeria and offers Investment opportunities in its Lithium Mining and Processing sector. The State Government provides streamlined licensing and a supportive business environment. The demand for Lithium-based products is growing and Oyo State offers access to huge quantities of Lithium.
  2. Participating in the Mineral Gemstone Buying Centre, a partnership between Oyo State and the Federal Government, which has been established to add value to mined gemstones and generate revenue in the previously unregulated gemstones sector.
  3. Investing in mining exploration companies to provide baseline data on the reserves of unexplored but identified solid mineral deposit sites.
  4. Partnering with Foreign and Local Investors through a joint venture with the Pacesetter Mining Company to explore Solid Mineral deposits in commercially viable quantities.

Current Mining operations in Oyo State:

  1. Pacesetter Asphalt and Quarry Limited
  2. International Mineral Buying Centre- a proposed initiative that is currently being developed for the Gemstone industry in Oyo State.
  3. Currently 20 Granite Quarries are operational in the State
  4. Granite cutting Sites
  5. Clay Bricks Quarrying companies

Oyo State is open to establishing Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangements with mineral exploration and mining companies. The State is also willing to offer guidance to potential Investors towards obtaining mining licenses and permits.

Join us at the Oyo International Business Summit 2023 to learn more about the exciting Investment opportunities for Solid Minerals & Mining in Oyo State and connect with other Investors, Industry Professionals and Business Leaders.

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Oyo State is one of the leading producers of solid minerals, with an annual production output of approximately $3.8 million.


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