The Oyo International Business Summit

Oyo State is naturally blessed with a vast array of Tourist attractions which include picturesque landscapes, a variety of wildlife, luxurious and scenic Hotels & alternative accommodation, festivals in the Arts, Culture and Crafts, heritage and archaeological sites among others. The State is located in southwestern Nigeria and is known for its rich cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty, and diverse attractions.

In general, Tourism in Oyo State (including Hotels and Restaurants) contributes 0.48% to the State’s GDP, which translated to about 9.6 million US Dollars in 2011 and with a current value of 96 million US Dollars in 2022. Tourism in Oyo State has recently been recognised as a huge opportunity, especially with the discovery of new Tourist sites which could lead to more revenue for the State.

The pacesetter State has about 168 tourism sites which include Agodi Garden, Ado Awaye Suspended Lake, Idere Hills, Old Oyo National Park, Agbele Rock, Captain Bowers Tower, Akoru and Ofere Hills, among others. Some Cultural centres are the Igbo Ologun, named after the ancient warrior of Saki land, the Basaori stream that history said used to lend those in need of clothes and pieces of jewellery, the Iseyin Loom Weaving, the Aluminum Pot Casting industry, the shea butter industry among others.



The Oyo International Business Summit 2023 presents a unique opportunity for Investors, Industry professionals and Business Leaders to learn more about the exciting Investment opportunities available in Oyo State’s Tourism sector. These opportunities include and are not limited to:

(1.) Hospitality:

(a) Hotel and Resorts Development:

    • 8000m2 of vacant land that is suitable for a 4-star hotel and conferencing facility in Jericho Ibadan.
    • 3.5 Ha of fenced land at Mokola Hill which was proposed for a 4-star hotel. This land is just adjacent to the Agodi Parks and Gardens and North of it lies the Cultural Centre, Mokola.
    • Ado Awaye Mountain Resorts: Brimming with culture and history, Ado-Awaye, is rapidly turning into a Tourist hotspot. Everything about the tiny town in Oyo State is amazing, including its structure and the mountains and plains it has. It is home to the Iyake Lake, one of only two known Hanging Lakes in the world, after the Hanging Lake in Colorado. Oyo State aims at partnering with Private Investors to build Resort centres in the town and other Tourist sites in the State.
    • Redevelopment of the Trans-Wonderland into a world-class entertainment centre.  The Trans-Wonderland known as the Trans Amusement Park was erstwhile referred to as Nigeria’s Disney World. The park covers a total area of 67 Acres of Land. Today, despite the park being a shadow of its former self. In spite of this, the park is still a popular entertainment venue in Ibadan and Southwest Nigeria.

(b) Restaurants Franchise:

With a growing population and a strong demand for diverse dining options, the Restaurant industry in Oyo State offers a profitable Investment opportunity. Enjoy steady income from high-volume sales and benefit from a thriving industry with room for growth. Join the ranks of successful Restaurants Investors in Oyo State and watch your Investment give you a huge Return on Investment(ROI).

(c) Nightlife:

Discover the exciting Investment opportunities in Oyo State’s vibrant nightlife scene. With its bustling cities, street lights and rich cultural heritage, Oyo State offers a diverse range of options for Investors looking to Invest in Entertainment and Hospitality. From upscale Bars and Nightclubs to live music venues and cultural events, the opportunities are endless.

(d) Alternative Accommodation for Tourists:

With the growing demand for innovative and affordable lodging options, investing in a Bed and Breakfast (B&B), hostel, or other alternative accommodation is a wise choice. Become a part of a thriving industry and join the ranks of successful alternative accommodation owners. Enjoy the benefits of a huge Return on Investment, low overhead costs, and the ease of running your own business. Don’t miss out on this chance to invest in the dynamic and profitable world of alternative accommodation in Oyo State.


(2.) Arts, Culture and Crafts Tourism:

Oyo State boasts of a thriving Arts scene with a rich cultural heritage and traditional Arts and Crafts. This presents Investment opportunities for those looking to invest in the Cultural, Arts and Crafts Industries. From bead-making to weaving, pottery, Fabric making, painting and music. Oyo State is home to notable artists and hosts various Cultural Festivals showcasing its Arts, Culture and Craft. Invest in Oyo State’s Arts scene and become a part of preserving its heritage and promoting its cultural identity.


(3.) Management of Heritage Tourist sites:

Oyo State is rich in cultural heritage, with over 160 Tourist sites including the world-renowned Old Oyo, which is a UNESCO-approved World Heritage Site. As a result, the preservation and management of these sites present an exciting Investment Opportunity in the State’s Tourism sector.

Discover the world of Heritage Tourism in Oyo State, where you can invest in the management of notable sites such as the Alaafin’s palace in Oyo, the Soun’s palace in Ogbomoso, Sogidi lake in Awe, Kurunmi battleground in Ijaye, Asabiri hill in Saki, Agbele hill and rock formation in Igbeti, Ado-Awaye suspended lake, the royal forest in Igboho, Mapo Hall, David Hinderer’s House, Bower Tower, and Irefin palace.


(4.) Sports Tourism:

The remodeling of Stadia across the State has created a unique opportunity for hosting International games in Oyo. This development has also opened up an array of Investment opportunities for residents, providing a wealth of options to invest in Sporting events, games, Sports betting, tours to state-of-the-art Stadia, and visits to Sports museums, stores, and memorabilia. Whether you are looking to invest in Sporting events or take advantage of the booming Sports Tourism industry, the opportunities are endless.

Join us at the Oyo International Business Summit 2023 to learn more about the exciting Investment opportunities for Tourism in Oyo State and connect with other Investors, Industry Professionals and Business Leaders.

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Oyo State, located at the center of Nigeria's Agribusiness corridor, is known for its abundant agricultural resources and thriving agribusiness sector.


Oyo State is one of the leading producers of solid minerals, with an annual production output of approximately $3.8 million.


Oyo State is naturally blessed with a vast array of Tourist attractions which include picturesque landscapes, a variety of wildlife, luxurious and scenic Hotels...


We are excited to bring together Investors, Investment Development Partners, Industry Professionals, and Business Leaders to understand the vast opportunities for Sustainable Energy in Oyo State.


Investing in Oyo State’s Infrastructure Development sector presents exciting opportunities for Investors and International Development Partners.

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